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Textile Packaging

Textile Packaging Today, Telatex, with an experience of more than 160 years in the textile industry, offers you its know-how for the design, creation and manufacture of textile packaging.
Choosing Telatex for your textile packaging it's three guarantees :

Infinite customization

Thanks to our total control of our production line, all your requests would be treated with our team.
Together we choose the best solution to meet your wishes, in order to realize a product tailored in terms of:

When ecology rhymes with valorisation and communication

The era of the plastic bag comes to the end and now is the time to seize an opportunity that benefits both the environment and your business.
GThanks to bags, pouches and other textile packaging, your packaging will become double virtuous:
Because of its daily reuse, it reduces the using of plastic bags and the harmful effects of these on the environment while conveying your image presented on the bag.

The importance of first printing

Whatever your product, its packaging will be the first impression for the customer, here is a wonderful opportunity to change it.
Whether it is to the touch or the sight, it is certain that a packaging in fabric will represent an indisputable added value. It's worth a wide selection of products :
For any project do not hesitate to contact our team, we enjoy a new great collaboration with you.